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Fitting Guide

Measure the neck!

Walladoodle collar sizes are based on the neck size of your pet.

Use a soft measuring tape to measure your pet's neck. If you don't have one, use a piece of string - mark the length with a pen (or use your fingers) and measure against a ruler.  Do not pull tightly ... There should be enough room to slide two fingers, side by side, under the collar for a proper fit.

Harnesses - Measure the neck and the largest part of the chest.

Martingale Collar - Our Martingale collars tend to run large.  Use a soft measuring tape loose on the neck for a general size. If the neck measures 15", you'll probably want to order a 14".  

If you are measuring from a collar THAT FITS ...

Buckle Collar - Measure the length of the collar from the leather (or other material) at the buckle to the last or second to last punch on the strap end.

Generally, our buckle collars have 5 punches - this should make it adjustable either way.

Clip CollarMeasure the length of the collar from the tip of the female connector end to the base of the male connector (where the two ends of the connector will meet).

Our clip collars are fitted with a screw rivet that can be moved to make the collar downward adjustable.


Petite/Small dogs (8" to 16") - 3/8" to 1/2" width

Medium/Large dogs, (18" to 24") - 1/2" to 3/4" width

Large/X Large dogs, (24" to 40") - 1" width

We will certainly change out sizes if the collar doesn't fit!  We want HAPPY Beasties.